Transformation using Java (JAXB) in a message flow

Learn how to use a JavaCompute node to transform data using Java (JAXB) in an IBM Integration Bus message flow by exploring this simple example.

This tutorial demonstrates a simple message flow which receives XML data over HTTP. The flow transforms the input XML structure into a different output XML structure using a JavaCompute node (whose behavior is based on Java JAXB), and sends this back to the HTTP request.

In IBM Integration Bus, message flows can be used to transform input data structures into output data structures. Several transformation options are provided including a Compute node (which uses ESQL), a Mapping node, a JavaCompute node (which can navigate data using an IBM Integration Bus Java API or JAXB), an XSL Transform node and a .NETCompute node.

This tutorial takes approximately 5 minutes.
Tutorial Topics
  • JavaCompute node using JAXB
  • XML parsing and writing
Learning outcomes
  • Use IBM Integration Bus to create and drive a message flow which transforms data using Java (JAXB).