Receiving MQTT messages by subscribing to MQTT topics

Learn how to use the MQTTSubscribe node to receive messages from an MQTT server.

This tutorial demonstrates a simple message flow that connects to the IBM Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation, and receives messages published by a device simulator over the MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol. The message flow writes the message data to a file.

MQTT is an open protocol for remote communication using a publish and subscribe model. Devices and applications can publish messages on named topics, and other applications or devices can subscribe to receive messages that are published on particular topics.

The IBM IoT Foundation hosts an MQTT server on the internet and provides a quickstart demonstration service. This tutorial connects to that service and illustrates how to use a message flow to receive messages over MQTT. To publish the messages, you will use the device simulator provided by the IBM IoT Foundation.

This tutorial takes approximately 10 minutes.
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Tutorial Topics
  • MQTTSubscribe node
Learning outcomes
  • Receive messages from an MQTT server by using IBM Integration Bus.
  • Understand the basic configuration of the MQTTSubscribe node.
  • Understand the information written to the Local Environment when receiving data over MQTT.
  • Gain an introduction to the IBM IoT Foundation.