Integration services (SOAP/HTTP inputs)

Learn about integration services that use SOAP/HTTP inputs in IBM Integration Bus by exploring this simple example.

This tutorial demonstrates a simple integration service with a SOAP/HTTP binding. The integration service converts temperatures from Celsius to Fahrenheit, or from Fahrenheit to Celsius, by using request-response operations.

In IBM Integration Bus, an integration service is a specialized application with a defined interface that acts as a container for a web services solution. The service interface is specified in a WSDL document that contains the operation and fault definitions. Each service operation and error handler is implemented as a subflow in the integration service.

You will import the integration service to your Integration Toolkit workspace, and invoke the integration service to send a SOAP request by using the Flow exerciser.

This tutorial takes approximately 5 minutes.
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Tutorial Topics
  • Integration services
  • SOAP/HTTP web services
  • Transformation using graphical data mapping
Learning outcomes
  • Use IBM Integration Bus to create and invoke a SOAP/HTTP request-response web service.