Modeling ISO 8583 data by using DFDL

Learn how to model ISO 8583 data by using Data Format Description Language (DFDL).

This tutorial demonstrates the modeling of ISO 8583 data by using DFDL schema.

ISO 8583 is a message format for representing card-based transactions including ATM and credit card transactions. There are three releases of the standard: 1987, 1993 and 2003.

ISO 8583 messages consist of a number of optional fixed-length or prefixed-length fields without initiators. The presence of a given field in the message is indicated by the setting of a corresponding bit in a bitmap. The bitmaps occur near the start of the message, and can either be in 'packed' format where each bitmap is encoded as 8 bytes of binary data (8 bits per byte), or in 'unpacked' format where each bitmap is encoded as 16 text characters (4 bits per character).

The DFDL schema editor is used to view the model and parse example ISO 8583 data files.

This tutorial takes approximately 5 minutes.
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Tutorial Topics
  • Modeling ISO8583 messages
  • Editing DFDL schema
  • Testing DFDL schema
Learning outcomes
  • An understanding of how the DFDL editor can be used to model and parse ISO 8583 data.